Northwest NEWS

September 3, 2001


Good fortune and helpful family were with visiting family

I want to let the Woodinville community know about an incident that happened to my family and me recently. We are from Idaho Falls, Idaho, and took a summer trip to the Pacific Northwest to explore your ocean and national parks.
   We completed a week on the coast and had gone inland to Rainier National Park. We spent two magical days there, and upon leaving stopped at Narada Falls.
   We did not know it at the time, but somehow we dropped a roll of film there, film that contained images of our vacation and of prior family trips and events. Once we discovered the loss, we were, of course, rather disconsolate about it.
   But good fortune was with us on that day because as it happened, a family from your community found the film Stan and Pam Pauley. These good people took the time to develop the film and study the images for clues that might reveal the owners. They were able to decipher marathon bid numbers, the names of businesses in various image backgrounds, and a couple of numbers from a license plate.
   With this limited information and the help of the Internet, they were able to ferret us out as owners of the film. They sent us the photographs and warmly telephoned us to share the good news. We were thrilled to recover the pictures, and are deeply thankful to the Pauleys for the generous actions.
   I promise the Pauleys and Woodinville that I will "pay forward" their good deed. And whenever I think of the great state of Washington and Woodinville specifically, I will remember a kind and gracious family. I like to think the Pauleys are examples of the kind of people who live in Washington state.
   Thank you for a wonderful visit to your great state, and thank you Stan and Pam Pauley for taking the time to sleuth us out.
   Dan and Lauralee Page, Idaho Falls, Idaho