Northwest NEWS

September 3, 2001


Writer would like to Fall City grow gracefully

Writer would like to see Fall City grow gracefully
   It seems to me if you see a serious problem you should say something about it, before things that could get out of hand, do.
   The part I find wrong is the proposed "Fall City Country Inn" development and the overwhelming sensitive nature of the property on which he wishes to build.
   Granted it's his property and he should be allowed to do with it as he sees fit, but as a citizen of King County with rules and regulations this property should not be built on, due to the sensitive nature which consists within its boundaries and along its borders.
   You say to yourself, what's so sensitive about this piece of property? Well one reason which we've been hearing about is the Endangered Species Act. A study has been conducted on the Raging River which proved to have a large amount of endangered salmon spawning in it. In turn we should say the Snoqualmie River has just as much in it, if not more.
   Both rivers border this property which concerns me due to the amount of building he wishes to put on his six-acre site which is a 100 unit max by his own words alone. I can't imagine how much surface water would go into spawning beds throught catch basins or just leaching through the ground.
   There is another problem with this site, the Corps of Engineers has de-certified the dikes along the Raging River. So you could say they are not flood proof.
   Then how about the ground itself? What archaeological remains are buried in this site? Will the same mistake be made that happened across the river at King County Park?
   Now let's jump back into the property flood issue. When I was working with CAC, (Citizens Advisory Committee), on the ideas of the way we would like to see Fall City re-zoned, this site was brought up in our discussion. The flood issues were addressed during this time and turned over to King County Council. This site was and still is in the flood way. But that soon will change, because at this time the floodway is being contested for the sole purpose of development.
   If none of this matters to you then the traffic won't either, because you'll be right in the thick of it. I only feel a sense of pride for this small town. I and four generations before me were born here. My family has been in this town for over 100 years.
   I would like to see Fall City grow gracefully with time, not explode like Snoqualmie Ridge or Issaquah.
   My feeling is Growth Management, not gross management. So if you feel a need to contact Ron Sims or Councilman Dave Irons, do so.
   Leon C. Noel III, Fall City