Northwest NEWS

September 3, 2001


Letters to the Editor

Good fortune and helpful family were with visiting family

*I want to let the Woodinville community know about an incident that happened to my family and me recently. We are from Idaho Falls, Idaho, and took a summer trip to the Pacific Northwest to explore your ocean and national parks.   

Residents should oppose plant

*A proposal to site the new sewage treatment at Route 9 and 228th Avenue just north of Woodinville is a threat to the neighbors who live near the site and to the greater Woodinville area.   

Writer would like to Fall City grow gracefully

*It seems to me if you see a serious problem you should say something about it, before things that could get out of hand, do.   

Fuel efficiencies and energy policy get "smoked"

*At the beginning of August the House of Representatives voted to leave the corporate average fuel economies (CAFE) at archaic 1985 standards (27.5 mpg for cars and 20.7 mpg for light trucks, minivans and SUVs).   

Near miss prompts letter

*After giving an incident last week some thought, I decided to report it. My wife and I approached the corner above Hollywood School, the one with a blinking light. The light blinks if a vehicle approaches from the right.   

More music and Shakespeare next year

*The Duvall Arts Commission extends a great big thank-you to everyone who helped make our first outdoor summer concert series so successful, including King County Arts Commission, the city of Duvall and area businesses.   


*In a July 23 letter to the editor, the name of the family who donated the property for the July 4 carnival was misspelled.   

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