Northwest NEWS

September 3, 2001


Police Beat

Aug. 28: The sound of breaking glass awoke a woman in the 19000 block of 160th Avenue Northeast. She looked outside to see four male juveniles kicking and breaking neighborhood light fixtures. The woman yelled out the window and the four males took off running into a nearby wooded area.
   Aug. 28: Around 10 p.m. an employee in the 13000 block of Northeast 175th noticed a man standing outside staring at her. The victim turned to look at the man. The suspect was described as 38 to 44 years of age, 5'7'' with a medium build, dark brown hair with gray on the sides. He was wearing black shorts, black shirt, black jacket and sneakers.
   When the victim turned to look at the suspect he exposed himself to the victim. The woman immediately picked up the phone and called 911. The suspect turned and ran down the street in a southwest direction.
   Aug. 28: An employee at a video store in the 17000 block of Garden Way noticed six males enter the store. One of the males approached the clerk and asked a number of questions about renting a VCR and Playstation. The other five males proceeded to conceal several DVDs and Playstation games. The six males then quickly exited the store setting off store security alarms.
   All actions were recorded on store security cameras and the tapes have been turned over to the police for identification of the suspects.
   Aug. 27: Employees returned to work on Monday to find several of the vehicles parked in their lot vandalized. Officers responded to the 13000 block of Northeast 175th and found three cars burglarized. Officer's dusted the cars and lifted prints.
   Aug. 27: A woman in the 19000 block of 158th Place Northeast awoke during the night to a noise in the back of her house. She went to the window in time to see a 1995 black mini-van backing out of her driveway. Thinking that she had prevented a crime, the victim did not call police. The next morning the woman discovered the window screen had been removed and the window opened. A simple piece of wood in the window frame prevented the suspect from gaining entry through the window. Police responded to the scene and investigated the attempted burglary. Update: The woman called police the next day and explained that her grandson was the person in the van and the person who removed the screen and she wished the investigation to be closed.