Northwest NEWS

September 3, 2001


Free microchip with pet license

When you buy or promptly renew a King County dog or cat license, you can get a free pet-identification microchip for your pet.
   The microchips, the size of a grain of rice, are implanted by the county's veterinarian in the scruff of the pet's neck, and provides an ID number that can be read by scanners at animal shelters and vet clinics to help reunite a lost pet with its owner.
   The microchip does not replace the need for a pet license; it is good backup identification. The visible license tag hanging on your pet's collar is the best identification and protection that money can buy.
   If you are buying your pet license for the first time, you can get a coupon redeemable for the free microchip implant. If you already have your pet licensed, the free microchip offer will be included in your next renewal notice.
   Call (206) 296-2712 for licensing information.
   and for the location nearest you where you can buy one - there are over 100 convenient locations around the County.