Northwest NEWS

September 3, 2001


Riverview alternative high school program has openings for students ages 14 to 20

Riverview School District's Alternative Learning School for high school students is beginning its sixth year of operation in September. This unique school program seeks to provide a high school education program for those students who want to earn a high school diploma but find that the traditional public school education setting does not match their personal educational needs and learning styles. Students can enroll at any time during the school year.
   School Coordinator Ray Yates states that students presently enrolling in alternative learning enter with a variety of backgrounds: former home school students, those who have not been enrolled in regular school for a year or two but do not yet have their diploma, those who are required to be employed on a part or full time basis to earn a living, young mothers or fathers who need to be home as much as possible to care for their child, those who want to finish high school by completing individualized learning packages, those who have had attendance problems in the regular public school program in the past and those who prefer an alternative approach to learning based on their own personal needs. Home school students do most of their learning at home while being at school for only two to three hours a week for testing in each subject.
   The classroom site is located in portable 1 behind the main Cedarcrest High School building in Duvall. To enroll in the Riverview Alternative School, students must be 14 to 20 years of age on the enrollment date and have completed the eighth grade.
   Yates reports that students in the program can earn high school credit by working at their own pace some of the time and doing a portion of the work at home or in another setting. Only part-time attendance in the afternoons in structured and tutorial classroom setting is required. Capable students spend as little as three hours at school if they are able to maximize their home study to complete their assignments at home. Other students may spend eight or nine hours in class each week.
   Alternative school involves greater personal responsibility, more independence and a contractual learning agreement. Students have the opportunity to improve any deficiencies in their basic skills training (reading, writing, computation skills). Practical consumer and economics skills are emphasized, including an understanding of buying insurance, housing, savings and borrowing, medical care, typical family legal matters and job skills. Computerized remedial programs are available in English and math.
   For additional information on the Riverview School District Alternative Program, call (425) 844-4853 and leave a message for Ray Yates, Alternative Program Coordinator.