Northwest NEWS

September 10, 2001


Questions about roundabouts

This is a copy of a letter sent to Woodinville City Council member Don Brocha.
   Dear Councilman Brocha,
   I have driven in roundabouts before, and they are not safe, especially with the volume of traffic that will be traveling through this one. I am certain there will be a great increase in the number of traffic accidents.
   In this time of heightened awareness of traffic problems and excessive taxation, I think we need to be especially careful what we do here.
   As I mentioned, the signals at this intersection were just recently installed. Now Woodinville is going to rip them out to put in a dangerous roundabout which I am certain will be replaced with traffic signals again in a few years after we figure out it doesn't work. This is extremely wasteful as well as hazardous.
   Also I think Woodinville, and personally its leaders, are opening themselves up to lawsuits due to negligent planning.
   You mentioned some of your fellow Council members shared my concern. Please tell me who they are. I want to know how each member feels about this. This is a major issue, and will definitely affect my decisions during elections.
   I would like to see the meeting minutes so I can see how you came to the conclusion this is not a safety hazard.
   I am certain the problem trying to be solved is the extremely long backup of traffic on the Woodinville-Redmond Road. The right solution is widening this road, and extending Willows Road up the west side of the valley to Woodinville. This is certainly a more costly solution. But it is the right solution. Ultimately it is what must be done, so we should get after it now.
   This roundabout will not solve the problem, will cause accidents, and waste money.
   I look forward to hearing from Joe Seet, Mick Monken or Pete Rose to explain to me why a roundabout is the type of intersection to build.
   Bill Korff, Woodinville