Northwest NEWS

September 10, 2001


Roundabouts are safe

The following three letters were written in response to Mr. Korff's letter above.
   Mr. Korff,
   When the council was first presented with the idea of the roundabout, one of our first concerns was safety. It was a particular concern to a couple of councilmembers who drive that route daily or frequently and are in the same situation as you.
   After much discussion, we are satisified that in addition to meeting the other criteria we are striving for, the safety criteria is satisfied as well.
   Joe Seet is the engineer on this project and Mick Monken is our Director of Public Works. They can address your concerns more completely than I. I have cc'd them as well as Pete Rose our city manager. An e-mail from you with your specific concerns will allow them to give you a complete answer.
   Don Brocha, Woodinville Council