Northwest NEWS

September 10, 2001


Police Beat

Sept. 4: A witness called the police to report two children left in a parking lot in the 13600 block of Northeast 175th. Police arrived to find the car parked unlocked with the keys in the ignition and the engine running. Two small children were seated in car seats. One of the children was crying and screaming. After about 20 minutes, the father came out of the store and explained to police that he hadn't been gone that long. Officers discussed the situation with the father and advised him that CPS would be notified and that the case would be forwarded to the Prosecuting Attorney for misdemeanor charges of Leaving a Child Unattended.
   Sept.1: Around noon, the victim returned to her home in the 15300 block of Northeast 202nd after being gone for one day on a trip. She immediately noticed her collection of Beanie Babies was missing from its display case. She quickly went to her bedroom to check a storage bin under her bed, but discovered that the bin was missing along with six pairs of shoes.
   The victim's daughter and boyfriend had been home during the past 24 hours and there were no signs of forced entry. The victim questioned the boyfriend who denied any involvement, but refused to allow the victim to look in the trunk of his car.
   Aug. 30: Officers received a call about a man behind a building in the 14100 block Northeast 181st Place with a gun. The man was described as a male, heavy set with a white T-shirt. Upon arrival officers found a group of men sitting on a back deck drinking beer. Police contacted a man matching the description. No gun was located, but a records check returned a bench warrant for his arrest out of Northeast District Court.
   The suspect was arrested and read his rights. A search incident to arrest revealed two baggies which turned out to be cocaine and methamphetamine.