Northwest NEWS

September 17, 2001


History was written today

Sept. 11, 2001, a day which will live in infamy. Tuesday we realized what we realized on Dec. 7, 1941 we can be attacked on our own soil. We now live in fear in a country that said it was the strongest and could not be penetrated. This was more than an attack on our soil; it was a cold-blooded slaughter on a mass scale. We will never forget this day. You can say this is fought for our freedom and democracy. We must punish those who are responsible for these horrible attacks.
   Now how will we go on? What comes next for America? How will we restore our security in this country? We must rise as a country to do what Americans were meant to do, and that is to live free; and to accomplish that, we must fight for freedom and stand up to those who threaten our freedom and very lives.
   We must not let this weaken our great nation but instead build it up. This is a time to grow as a people, a nation. History was written today; we will not forget this day till we die. Our sons will learn of this day.
   This was an awakening for our country. We must wake from the dream that these things cannot happen to us and simply realize that it can happen and will happen again. When and where we do not know. Until then, we must grow and strengthen as a nation, as a people.
   Jacob McFarland
   Sophomore at Woodinville High School