Northwest NEWS

September 17, 2001


One hundred backpacks outfitted with supplies

One hundred backpacks outfitted with supplies
   On Sept. 4, Woodinville students returned to school. Most are eager to learn, but sadly, some children are not ready to learn.
   When the teacher asks them to take out a pencil or notebook, they can't do it. You see, some students come to school without basic school supplies.
   Hard as it is to believe, there are local families (more than you would imagine) who cannot afford to buy necessary school supplies like pencils and paper for their children. Knowing of this unfortunate situation, we launched Backpacks for Kids, a drive to outfit 100 school backpacks with necessary classroom supplies for needy students.
   Thanks to the generosity of the Woodinville community we reached our goal. One hundred local students now have the tools of learning and the promise of a successful school year. We are grateful for your support of our students in Woodinville.
   Education Committee
   Woodinville Chamber of Commerce