Northwest NEWS

September 17, 2001


In search of a cleaner environment

The Hollywood Hill Association has been trying to maintain its status as an unicorporated entity to "preserve the rural feeling" of the area. After living here for five years, I have to ask if "rural feeling" equates to living amidst an abundance of trash and smoke-filled air.
   As I drive each day along 160th and 175th streets, I see tremendous amounts of litter alongside the road. As a I walk or run each morning, I pick up and throw away at least a dozen cans, but it is a never-ending battle. There is just too much of it.
   Yet, when I cross the 164th Ave. boundary into the city limits of Woodinville, the trash along the road seems to magically disappear. Why are Hollywood Hill residents not getting the same attention from city sanitation crews? Is that the price we pay as a "rural" community?
   Futhermore, I have also heard that the Hollywood HIll Association is trying to overturn the ban on outdoor burning. Does that mean they advocate having its members - and the surrounding communities - pay with their health for what others simply don't want to pay with their wallets?
   If the definition of "rural" means a trash-filled and unhealthy environment, then we will have no part of it. We plan to sell our home and move to a cleaner environment over the next few months.
   J. Thomas