Northwest NEWS

September 17, 2001


Letters to the Editor

Crisis strengthens U.S.

*Woodinville is a caring community. Many of you have contacted City Hall seeking ways you, your family, neighborhoods and businesses can help disaster victims on the East Coast.

Our hearts go out to the families affected by these evil acts

*An act of war has been perpetrated on the American way of life and has affected citizens throughout the United States.

History was written today

*Sept. 11, 2001, a day which will live in infamy. Tuesday we realized what we realized on Dec. 7, 1941 we can be attacked on our own soil.

One hundred backpacks outfitted with supplies

*On Sept. 4, Woodinville students returned to school. Most are eager to learn, but sadly, some children are not ready to learn.

A tribute to an enthusiastic audience

*We want to offer our appreciation to the Woodinville community for their support of our Sunday Evening and Thursday Noon Concerts.

Generosity helps those with muscle-wasting disorders

*I knew we could depend on the kind people of Woodinville to come through again! Thanks to the many generous people in the Woodinville area, you helped the 2001 Jerry Lewis MDA Labor Day Telethon raise a record $56,780,603 in contributions and pledges.

In search of a cleaner environment

*The Hollywood Hill Association has been trying to maintain its status as an unicorporated entity to "preserve the rural feeling" of the area.

Update on Brian's wife Stephanie

*Two weeks ago we introduced you to our employee Brian and also told of his wife's recent accident.

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