Northwest NEWS

September 17, 2001


Police Beat

Sept. 11: Officers responded to a home in the 17900 block of 151 Way NE in regards to a residential burglary. The husband awoke around 5:00 in the morning to leave for a business trip. The night before, he had laid out his luggage, briefcase, wallet, cell phone and palm pilot. The man discovered that $170 in cash was missing from his wallet. Nothing else was missing or disturbed. Police investigated and found no signs of a forced entry into the home. The man and his wife called their 21-year-old son to see if he had been home during the night. The son denied being at the house, stating that he had been out all night with friends.
   Sept. 10: Officers and store managers uncovered a two-person embezzlement plan that had been going on for several months. The business located in the 17800 block of Garden Way NE showed the police evidence that two employees were embezzling money through a refund scam. Suspect One would refund purchases back to customers. These refunds were approved by his supervisor, Suspect Two. However, the refunds were being directly deposited into Suspect Two's personal banking account. Further investigation showed that no original purchases existed. The employees were processing false purchases and then refunding those amounts.
   By the time police were contacted, Suspect Two had stopped showing up for work and store managers could not contact her. Police arrested Suspect One who spilled the whole conspiracy to police. He laid out in detail how the scam took place and also relayed to police that Suspect Two was his brother's fiancée.
   Sept. 9: Officers driving by a park in the 14100 block of Woodinville-Duvall Road noticed several young people standing around a parked car. As the officers drove by, one of the young men grabbed a silver can sitting on the roof of the car and ducked out of sight. Officers contacted the group who denied drinking any alcohol. Officers saw in plain view an open beer sitting on the drivers side floor boards. No one in the group was over age 21. Officers arrested the driver of the vehicle.
   Sept. 8: Officers investigated a commercial burglary in the 12200 block of NE Woodinville Drive. The evidence showed that a suspect had climbed a fence to enter an outdoor storage area. The suspect then hoisted a hand truck back over the fence. A large slab of polished stone was then dragged to the fence and slid under the gate where the suspect then used the hand truck to wheel the slab away.
   The next day while patrolling the area, officers observed the stolen hand truck abandoned in front of a storage facility a few blocks north of the victim's business. The case is under further investigation.
   Sept. 8: Passer-byes noticed a woman sitting on the sidewalk along NE 175th Street. Several people contacted the woman to make sure she was okay. The woman explained that she was waiting for her boyfriend. Soon after that the woman laid down on the sidewalk and became unresponsive. Officers arrived to find her breathing with a pulse, but could not revive her. During the contact officers also found a crack pipe and tablets of oxy-contin.