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September 17, 2001

Local News

Moments of remembrance

Woodinville - In response to the governor's invitation to all communities statewide to hold their own gatherings and unite the state of Washington in tribute to America, the city of Woodinville welcomed community members last Friday to join in a special remembrance ceremony.
   At 12:30 p.m. about 75 community members circled around Flag Plaza at the east entrance to City Hall.
   Marie Stake, communications director for the city, read a letter from Woodinville Mayor Randy Ransom (See Letters to the Editor, page 6) asking community members, in part, to "Let the horror of last Tuesday reaffirm our commitment to one another and let us support our leaders and pray that their decisions will bring about an end to terrorism throughout the world and a rebirth of compassion and understanding for all."
   Batallion Chief Robert Whipple of the Woodinville Fire & Life Safety District spoke a word of sympathy for the fallen emergency response personnel for all the lost lives and grieving families left behind.
   His words were followed by a moment of silence. The ceremony ended with the ringing of bells.
   Woodinville's ceremony of remembrance was one of thousands held state-, nation-, and worldwide.