Northwest NEWS

September 24, 2001


A time to come together

All Americans are sickened by the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington, D.C. It especially saddens us that the perpetrators of this violence would direct their hatred at so many innocent victims.
   But I am hopeful that some good will come out of this tragedy. I am hopeful that this act of war will rekindle a sense of community among Americans, bringing people of all backgrounds together.
   And I am proud of what I have seen so far strangers caring for strangers, citizens lining up for hours to give blood, people everywhere in this country doing what they can to help those in need.
   As the reality of this attack continues to sink in, we must continue to respond with a feeling of shared sacrifice and resist the temptation of blind hatred. Our feelings of anger must not be directed at innocent, hard-working citizens in our country whose skin may be a certain color or whose religion may be different from our own.
   This is a time to reconnect with our families and fellow citizens. And it is a time to appreciate what we have as a nation the freedoms which we so deeply value. With a renewed commitment to our families, our communities, and our country, we will overcome this tragic moment in our nation's history as a stronger, safer, better country.
   Rep. John Lovick (D-Mill Creek)