Northwest NEWS

September 24, 2001


Boy, did your readers miss some good music

The King County Parks Department, at the urging of the Upper Bear Creek Community Council (UBCC), provided two musical entertainments at Cottage Lake Part recently. The programs were announced in your paper, but unfortunately, only a few members of the community were in attendance.
   The first program was rained out and rescheduled. The second included music and dance of Zimbabwe that invited all ages of the audience to participate.
   Rescheduled, "Lonesome Ridge" brought a lively program of bluegrass music.
   UBCC intends to work for a resumption of "Music in the Park" programs for summer family entertainment at Cottage Lake Park. We sincerely hope that there will be better attendance next summer.
   We thank the Woodinville Weekly for its continued coverage and support of activities in our community.
   Nancy Stafford, president,
   Upper Bear Creek Community Council