Northwest NEWS

Sember 24, 2001


A local connection with New York

Woodinville firefighters helping in New York
   Lt. Kerry Langan and Senior Firefighter Ross VanVactor from Woodinville Fire and Life Safety District are presently in New York working at ground zero, according to Bud Backer, deputy chief. Langan is a team leader on night shift and has been on the bucket brigade.
   The hours in New York have been long and sleep in short supply. Ross said the outpouring of public support back there is very impressive.
   Reports from the team in New York indicate that sea water is leaking into some of the damaged buildings that were built below sea level and that it is raining heavily there.
   The district received 300 teddy bears from Top Foods, and one child contributed $44 from his piggy bank to the relief effort.
   Flowers and donations continue to pour in to the local fire office.
   Morgan Stanley trainees safe
   According to Debbie Gianelli, financial advisor in the Woodinville office of Morgan Stanley, "There were two trainees from our office who were on the 61st floor of the second World Trade Tower on Tuesday. We were all very concerned for their safety as we watched the tragic events unfold. We were relieved to get phone calls from them later in the morning, letting us know that they had gotten out safely. Miraculously, the vast majority of Morgan Stanley employees in the World Trade Center were able to evacuate safely."
   The Woodinville office of Morgan Stanley will continue its planned two-year anniversary celebration on Friday, Sept. 28, but will rededicate the event to those colleagues that lost their lives and to those that returned safely home. The event begins at 3 p.m. and the public is invited to attend.