Northwest NEWS

October 1, 2001


Area in danger of losing rural lifestyle

Our local community is at a crossroads. There are many big decisions to be made regarding growth and our local environment. This area is on the verge of large scale development and in danger of losing the rural lifestyle most of us came here for. I have lived here 19 years and have gradually seen our rivers and forests decreasing in quality. I believe now is the time to decide what we value. Now is the time to let our elected officials know that we want sound growth management plans with the environment kept in mind.
   We have all seen what unrestricted growth in other cities has caused and it would not be a pretty picture here. I am not against development, but I believe all people's interests should be included in planning. This includes leaving open spaces, protecting our forests and taking into account the future and not always the present.
   We have a chance to be a model community where everyone's ideas are included and a quality plan for the future is developed. We must get involved and let it be known we want some protections for the future. Our children will not have the luxury of deciding what we have the opportunity to decide. They will receive whatever we give them, whether good or bad. It is possible to retain our rural setting without upsetting our economies. I hope that all sides can come together and compromise to make a difference.
   Jason Scullion, Carnation