Northwest NEWS

October 1, 2001


Does someone have to die?

Since I moved down here one year ago I have been concerned about the intersection of 124th and Hwy. 203 (Duvall/Carnation Road). It is a difficult left-hand turn to Duvall with cars speeding toward Carnation at 50-60 mph. There isn't a right-hand turn lane for the people wanting to turn south to Carnation, and sometimes the traffic backs up for miles.
   Friday my fears were realized when a good friend was in an accident there. An oncoming truck hit someone turning left, and both vehicles smashed into her car. Out of anger, frustration and curiosity, I called the Department of Transportation (Statistics Division) and was informed that there have been over 20 accidents there in the last four years, and one of them was disabling.
   The DOT wasn't caught up with the records for 2001, so we don't know if there have been more. They said work was scheduled for April of '99, but they didn't know why it wasn't done. They also informed me a roundabout was being considered for the intersection instead of lights (just what we need, more construction stopping traffic). What happened to our stop light project? Do we really want a roundabout? Does a fatality have to happen before anything is done? 
   The engineer's name is Don Simms, and I think people should let him know what we want for our intersection and daily commute.
   Michelle Parish - Duvall