Northwest NEWS

October 1, 2001


Thoughts on national ID cards

(Copy of a letter sent to President George Bush)
   Thank you for your decisive actions regarding the terrorist situation.
   I want to offer my thoughts regarding the national ID card.
   1. Cards can and will be counterfeited.
   2. I believe the ID solution is a substitute for government agencies doing their jobs. If Immigration were doing its job evicting illegals, tracking down legal visitors whose temporary visas have expired and evicting them it would actually be less work and expense than the ID system.
   3. I do not believe the ID system addresses the PROBLEM. Having Immigration do its job better would be a lot more effective than the ID system, because it would directly address problem individuals, instead of the entire population of the United States. The ID solution is scattershot; the immigration solution is better targeted.
   4. Implementing and maintaining the ID card program would create yet another layer of government. And since its job would involve the entire U.S. population, rather than just the illegals, the size of this department, with all its employees, branch offices, furniture, landscaping, computers, cameras, maintenance, janitors, etc., would be a huge financial drain on our wallets and our economy.
   Have the existing agencies do their job! We're already paying them.
   Thank you for listening.
   Inge Christian Houck, Carnation