Northwest NEWS

October 1, 2001


'Snoopy' makes for delightful family entertainment

by Deborah Stone
   SecondStory Rep is beginning its third season of offering professional theater productions and drama classes for children and adults in its Redmond Town Center location. The company opens its mainstage season with "Snoopy," a musical. With an energetic cast; catchy, upbeat music; and endearing, beloved characters, "Snoopy" makes for delightful family entertainment.
   The show, directed by Kassie Misiewicz, is a series of musical numbers revolving around the lives of the Peanuts gang, which includes Charlie Brown, Linus, Sally Brown, Lucy, Peppermint Patty, Woodstock and everyone's favorite beagle, Snoopy. The characters sing of their joys and their woes or simply remark on the simple pleasures in their lives.
   Patty laments about the size of her nose, Linus stresses about letting go of his blanket on wash day and Charlie recalls memories of the old Snoopy, the puppy who couldn't wait to come at his every beck and call.
   There is poignancy and sweetness in this show, made possible through the delightful talents of its cast. Petite, cute Reagan Quigley (a second grader at East Ridge Elementary in Woodinville) makes Woodstock an imp in yellow, who hangs out with her pal Snoopy and expresses herself through mime.
   This is a feel-good show that's full of laughter, warmth and a whole lot of heart. "Snoopy" runs through Oct. 13.
   For ticket information call (425) 881-6777.
   The whole gang does a wonderfully humorous number about the fears of being called on to answer questions at school. Snoopy tells of writing the great American novel, only to receive rejection upon rejection letter, which he promptly dismisses because he notes they're only form letters.
   Linus patiently awaits the arrival of the Great Pumpkin, only to be scoffed at by the others for his firm and unwavering belief in this creature.
   Kim Ferse makes a perfect loud mouth Lucy. She is bossy, insensitive (most of the time) and basically intolerable, with her pushy ways and her egotistical attitude. She freely dispenses her advice to whomever she feels needs it, with or without their consent.
   Shelby O'Clair, as Charlie, is appropriately modest, insecure and lacking in self-confidence. She brings out that special ache in everyone's soul for the desire to be accepted and believed in by others.
   Linus is portrayed by Rebecca Diamant as being smart and assured, with the big exception of needing his blanket for constant security! Katie Driscoll does a fine job with her role as Patty, an assertive girl who has a definite crush on her pal Chuck, and Emily Iverson, as Sally Brown, is sweet, soft-spoken and the follower in the gang.
   McCarthy is the ultimate Big Beagle, cool, debonair and a master of shtick. He tap dances and glides around or simply reclines on top of his doghouse, trying to make a favorable impression on the others (who regard him as a "dime a dozen").
   With a vivid imagination, he is the creator of stories and tales and puts on puppet shows to entertain the gang. It is Snoopy, however, who comes through for Charlie Brown in the end. He shows his loyalty and proclaims his belief in his good friend, which encourages the others to come forward and join together in giving Charlie the warm, fuzzy feeling he so desperately desires.