Northwest NEWS

October 1, 2001


Police Beat

   Sept. 25: A homeowner in the 15400 block of 127th Place Northeast reported to police that an unknown suspect had broken out the glass in her sliding door.
   Police investigated and found the rock that was used, but did not gather any useful evidence. The victim had no idea who could have done such an act.
   Sept. 22: Officers responded to the 14000 block of Northeast Woodinville-Duvall Road for a reported car prowl. Police contacted the victim who stated that between the hours 8 and 9 p.m. her car was vandalized. The suspect(s) took a portable CD player and adaptor, ripped the turn signal lever off the steering column, broke the rearview mirror down and "keyed" the outside paint on the car.
   While officers investigated this crime, another employee approached and told police that her car had also been burglarized.
   Officers did recover two pop cans in the back of the first car that belong to the suspect(s). The case is under further investigation.
   Sept. 21: A grandfather went into a store in the 13500 block of 175th Street leaving his seven-year-old grandson alone in the car. While inside the car, the boy found one of two M-80 style firecrackers. He lit the M-80 which exploded in his hand causing serious permanent injury.
   A woman in the parking lot saw the incident and pulled the boy out of the car and took him into the store.
   An aid car was called and the boy was taken to Evergreen Hospital Medical Center.
   The boy was taken to Evergreen Hospital. Police responded to the hospital to investigate and found blood splatter marks over the entire interior of the car consistent with the accident. The case is being forwarded to the Prosecuting Attorney's office for criminal charges against the grandfather.
   Sept. 21: A man received a call from his credit card company asking if he had made a $250 purchase that day at a Lynnwood store. The man had not and quickly realized that the card in question was kept at his house.
   He returned home to discover his house burglarized. Police responded to the 19300 block of 136th Avenue to investigate.
   Officers discovered that entry had been gained through the garage by kicking in a door. Officers were able to gather valuable evidence from inside the house.
   The case is under further investigation.