Northwest NEWS

October 8, 2001


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The response of Northshore staff, students and parents to the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11 have been heartfelt and generous. Examples of some of the activities follow.
   The district staff and students contributed a lump sum of $20,207.06 to the American Red Cross. These funds were earmarked to provide support for the children who lost their parents in the blasts and plane crashes.
   An additional amount in excess of $35,000 was collected at individual schools and presented to the American Red Cross.
   Elementary school students wrote letters to the children of several New York Schools. Many wrote postcards and letters to the firefighters and police in New York.
   One class of elementary students is making origami birds - one for each family - as a reminder of the number of people lost.
   Several schools held assemblies focused on the pride of being an American. Some made flags of stars with messages showing support of and pride in being American. Some made peace banners which now hang in the school.
   The district shares its deepest sympathies with all the families of the victims. We also share our appreciation of all our staff who worked so hard to maintain calm and order in our schools and provide support and understanding with our students.
   Northshore School District