Northwest NEWS

October 8, 2001

Front Page

Stephens and Third Avenue to be 4-way stop

by Lisa Allen
   Valley View Editor
   DUVALL - A consultant for the company which designed the newly reconfigured intersection at Stephens Street and Third Avenue N.E. is recommending that for safety reasons the intersection be a four-way stop.
   The intersection has historically been a three-way stop, so motorists heading east would not have to stop going up the steep hill.
   Steve Kitterman, consultant from ESM, the firm which engineered the rebuilt intersection, told the City Council at a recent meeting that the problem is one of lack of sight distance from Third Avenue that resulted from the new configuration and the placement of a safety barrier on the southwest corner lot.
   "The prudent course of action in this case would be to put in a four-way stop," he said. "It would provide a much safer atmosphere."
   Earlier in the council meeting residents had complained about the lack of sight distance there for motorists traveling north on Third Avenue.
   Laura Ritter, in a letter to the council, stated that motorists going that direction can't see traffic coming up the hill.
   "Unless a stop sign is installed there, I fear a number of injuries will occur," she wrote.
   Duvall engineering aide Alana McCoy told the council that she receives at least one call daily complaining about the intersection.