Northwest NEWS

October 15, 2001


Regarding the proposed Brightwater sewage facility

First, my compliments to the Brightwater team members at the public open house held at Woodinville High School on Oct. 9. Your representatives were informative, the displays were educational, and the reference materials helpful thank you.
   I left the open house knowing more about wastewater treatment than I expected, but dismayed by the lack of Woodinville community participation.
   As a concerned longtime Woodinville resident and a homeowner who lives close to Highway 9, I remain opposed to the construction of a massive sewage treatment facility "in my backyard." Woodinville is a thriving community and the proposed "industrial site" is bordered on all sides by families, schools and the best the Northwest region has to offer.
   In addition to the temporary inconveniences of the large-scale, multi-year phased construction plan, significant permanent negative impacts exist.
   Lower property values and quality of life issues such as increased noise and air pollution are at stake.
   I suggest the Brightwater/King County team consider a more remote location for the new sewage treatment facility.
   Urban sprawl will surely have reached those locations outside the current "potential sites circle" depicted in your diagrams by the operational year goal of 2010. Perhaps the additional costs associated with conveying the sewage to a more remote location will be offset by lower acquisition, mitigation, litigation and community degradation costs.
   If, however, further study proves otherwise, I would like to remind everyone that the cheapest solution to a problem isn't always the best solution.
   As an American taxpayer, quality of life issues are worth paying a few dollars more to protect. I urge us all to consider long-term solutions to our region's waste water treatment needs and actively participate in this decision-making process.
   Kristin Carroll, Woodinville