Northwest NEWS

October 15, 2001


U.S. kids are a reflection of us and our society

Thank you for the Oct. 1 cover story about Russian adoption. After weeks of tragedy in the news, this was a refreshing story to read. However, I take great exception to the brief, negative version of in-country adoption. According to the article, the couple "discarded" adoption in the states because of supposed "research" that U.S. kids may be on medication or need to go through "detox" when coming out of the foster system.
   It is comments like these that contribute to U.S. kids remaining in the foster care system. Of course, there are some cases where this description may apply, but speaking as an experienced, lucky, blessed parent of two perfect, healthy, smart and beautiful children from within the Washington state foster system, I was appalled at this blanket statement.
   It's great that the couple were able to start their family through international adoption, but don't forget that the kids right here in our own country are a reflection of us and our society.
   Creating families through adoption is a difficult and wonderfully rewarding process.
   Elizabeth Humphrey, Woodinville