Northwest NEWS

October 15, 2001


Woodinville is a caring and friendly community

While walking downtown yesterday afternoon I noticed a large quantity of newspapers haphazardly piled around the recycling bin on the 140th Street side of the Park & Ride. With my 10-month-old son in a sling over my shoulder and all of the associated baby gear in a bag on my back, I was tempted to turn my head and pass by. But the thought of all those pages whisked by wind throughout Woodinville and then turned to soggy mush by rain was too much.
   Since recently moving to Woodinville, I respected how neat and clean the streets and sidewalks seemed to be. Babe and all, I turned and started herding newspapers toward the bin.
   The first armful had not even made it through the designated recycling slot when two people joined me.
   Having caught a glimpse of my efforts while driving by, they stopped to help. That made my day. With a few more armloads, the job was complete; the street was tidy again.
   Though I do not know why that pile of newspapers was there, I am glad that I took the time to stop.
   My only regret is forgetting to introduce myself to the kind strangers who confirmed what I already suspected - Woodinville is a caring and friendly community where random acts of kindness are likely to sprout roots and grow.
   Jaye Jaye Lutz, Woodinville