Northwest NEWS

October 15, 2001


New Adult Day Center would respite, activities and programs

On Nov. 6 we will have a chance to vote on the Northshore Parks and Recreation bond issue for an Adult Day Center. We will have an opportunity to show that our community is one that values and strives to serve the needs of all of its citizens.
   The center would provide a place for recreational, therapeutic and instructional programs for frail or ill seniors as well as physically and developmentally-delayed adults.
   The center will also provide access to community activities for those who ordinarily would be isolated from the community. Parents and caregivers would enjoy a much needed respite from the demands of 24 hour a day care.
   As the parent of two young adults with special needs, I know how important it is for my children to have the chance to lead an active, meaningful life in a caring and accepting community.
   By voting Yes to the Adult Day Center you can help our fellow citizens have the experiences in life that we as able-bodied persons often take for granted.
   Robin Totonelly, Woodinville