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October 15, 2001

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Candidates for Riverview School District Board, Director District 1

The Valley View asked local candidates for public office to answer the following questions.
   1. Please describe your characteristics and experience that qualify you for this office.
   2. Which issues do you consider most significant for this area and its residents?
   3. How do you plan to deal with growth and transportation issues?
   4. Why do you wish to be a candidate?
   5. Please state your goals for this office.
   Candidates were also encouraged to supply any personal information they considered to be relevant. This week's issue will focus on candidates for Riverview School Board, Director District 1. Questionnaires from all other candidates for opposed positions will be printed in next week's paper. Completed questionnaires must be received by 5 p.m., Thursday, Oct. 18.
   Lori Oviatt
   1. I have a vast amount of experience in the education field from being an elementary school teacher to coaching various sports. Some of my experience includes serving on many Riverview School District committees such as the current Strategic Planning Committee, Technology Committee, Riverview Schools Committee, District Communication Committee, K-5 Eagle Rock Site Decision Team, Superintendent hiring committee and have volunteered numerous hours for the school district.
   2. Currently the Riverview School District is taking a look at the budget and trying to determine the best way to tighten the belt without impacting the education of the children. This is a difficult issue with a trend of declining enrollment in the district. We need to take a strong look at the reasons behind the declining enrollment and take actions to improve the educational system.
   3. There are two communities impacted by growth and transportation in the Riverview School District. Right now there is considerable growth in Duvall and a slower growth of population in Carnation. I am hoping that the growth will help offset the trend in the declining enrollment. The school district is looking at many different alternatives for transportation. The schools currently run at three separate times for high school, middle school and elementary.
   4. Our school district has many hidden gems. As a member of the school board for Riverview School District, I would like to be a part of showing everyone how our district can shine. I want to make a difference in the lives of children who attend Riverview School District.
   5. My goals for this office are to help implement the Strategic Plan that many people in the district have been working on for the past year. One of my major goals is to help improve overall communication and get more people involved in improving our schools.
   Candidate did not supply a photograph.
   Dave Hunter
   Hunter, 51, is employed by Providence Health System Washington, as Director of Supply Chain Management. He is married with two children. His son is a 2001 graduate of Cedarcrest High School, now attending Seattle Pacific University. His daughter is a freshman at Cedarcrest High School.
   1. I have been active in both my children's education in the Riverview School District. I was a member of the Tolt Middle School Site-Based Decision Team for two years. I have been on the Riverview School District Strategic Planning Committee and the Superintendent Search Committee. I have enjoyed all these responsibilities and wish to provide greater support in the decisions of the school district as a board member. I was Carnation city mayor for two years and a council member for two years. This gives me a unique experience in major decision making for a governmental body with state regulations to uphold and the resulting financial constraints.
   2. The greatest issues surrounding the Riverview School District in the next few years will be that of finances. The enrollment has declined slightly which reduces state income, yet the students and citizens are continuing to demand more from their schools. I-728 monies were hoped to provide assistance yet the Legislature took away other monies for services previously supported. The new superintendent and school board will need to become very creative to find ways to maintain what we have, allow for program growth where needed, yet balance these needs with the limited funds available.
   3. This question is not directed towards school board candidates.
   4. I grew up in a family that was involved in local politics. My father always taught us that local governments and school boards needed good people without personal agendas to do the people's work. If no one volunteers, then we should not complain about the outcomes. I heeded that learning by being willing to be involved. My work with the city of Carnation was a good experience though trying at times. I was glad I served and felt I made a positive impact while in office.
   This particular school board position had no one file four years ago. The current incumbent was asked to file during a special filing period and has done a good job for the district. I did not want another filing period to go by with no one filing. Our schools are more important than that.
   5. My goals for this office are two-fold. In every decision I make as a board member I want to provide opportunities for students and staff to succeed. Secondly, I will employ my management experience and common sense to find solutions to district problems. My prior experiences have taught me that simple, straightforward goals are best used to solve problems.