Northwest NEWS

October 22, 2001


Guest Editorial:Why I am voting "yes"

on the senior center proposal
   by Carol Edwards
   On Nov. 6 you will be asked to vote on a bond issue for $3.895 million to provide funding for the land and construction of a new three-story Adult Day Center across from the Northshore Senior Center. The 19,000-square-foot building would provide nursing, therapeutic activities, exercise, nutrition and other help for Northshore residents.
   The bond issue gets the facility built. All of the equipment and operating expenses would be covered by fees, grants and fund-raising.
   The center would open in 2003 and be operated by the Northshore Senior Center.
   What does this issue mean to you?
   You may not yet be elderly or disabled. You may not be a caregiver to a loved one or a resource to someone who needs help. You may, however, know someone who is facing challenges.
   What you don't know is when in your life things may change and you may need the kind of help offered in this proposed facility.
   The Adult Day Center will provide help for caregivers, adults with chronic conditions who need care and companionship and for frail and disabled seniors who need rehabilitation and transportation. It will also provide room for community events and meetings.
   I will vote yes because I am personally aware of the need for these services now.
   My life has quickly changed twice first in helping taking care of my father before he died, and now in taking care of my mother who faces serious health challenges.
   When my father became ill, my mother and I used the Northshore Senior Center to get some help. Now I am using their services to help with my mother.
   Just last week I took my mother to the Senior Center for foot care, which is a weekly service offered in conjunction with the Visiting Nurse Service. We met the nurse in the social worker's office. There was no other space. The new Adult Day Center would have room for this and other services.
   The Northshore Senior Center serves Woodinville, Bothell and Kenmore with programs and resources that help seniors and those of all ages who are disabled and need assistance. It is run by a more than 1,000 volunteers and a staff, all under the leadership of Director Marianne LeGerfo.
   The Senior Center also serves as a civic building and is used for many community functions. It is located across the bridge one block south of downtown Bothell. More than 7,500 seniors take advantage of programs and events.
   The proposed Adult Day Center would be right across the street from the main location and share staff and programs. There would not have to be the make-shift spaces now used. There would be security for those that wander, showers for the incontinent and privacy for personal care.
   At 59 it will not be long before I may need these services myself. I will vote yes.
   Carol Edwards is the owner/publisher of the Woodinville Weekly.