Northwest NEWS

October 22, 2001


You never know who will need care next

Some of your readers may wonder why they are being asked to vote for a bond to build a new adult day center. If a member of their family should need day care - would they consider $6 a year excessive?
   In 1984 my wife developed Alzheimers. I paid a neighbor $50 a week to take care of her so I had time to shop and conduct other necessary duties.
   That added up to a total of $2,600 a year. This to delay the time she would need full time care for two years at $36,000 a year (1988 and 1989).
   I ask your readers to vote "yes" Nov. 6. We never know who will need care for a family member next.
   Is your vote worth the price of two six packs to you and yours? I'm sure you believe it is.
   K.A. Rusk, Bothell