Northwest NEWS

October 22, 2001


Farm tour and festival support and encourage local farming

   My husband, David, and I would like to acknowledge and thank the volunteers, artists, vendors and all of those who attended this year's Harvest Home Festival at the Red Barn Country Inn.
   A special thank you to Janet Baldwin for capturing the festival in picture; the precious expressions on children's faces as they listened intently to Debbie Dimitre weaving her stories of "The Rag Coat" or "Slops" or watching Hulan Fleming turn a plain canvas into a work of art. She caught on film small children churning butter under the watchful eye of a volunteer from the Woodinville Heritage Society and audiences viewing and applauding excerpts from "The Tempest," performed by Seattle Public Theatre; "Puss 'n Boots," performed by Rainy Day Theatre; and "Little Women" by the Bellevue Park Department.
   We especially wish to thank Dave Johns and the fire department from the city of Grace for their gracious loan of Woodinville's first fire truck during our festival. We are so grateful to have had the beautifully restored 1940 fire truck available in our "Tribute to America" garden to help area residents heal after the Attack on America Sept. 11 by honoring fire fighters who put their lives at risk to save others.
   This historic fire truck also brought special recognition to the Washkuhn Mill relocation project sponsored by Woodinville's Heritage Society. Anyone wishing to support the Washkuhn Mill project may send donations directly to the Woodinville Heritage Society, P.O. Box 216, Woodinville, WA 98072.
   This was the second year for our Harvest Home Festival and the first year to be a part of the annual King County Harvest Celebration Farm Tour sponsored by Washington State University, U.S. Department of Agriculture and King County. The county's tour program is a wonderful way to support and encourage local farming.
   Please let them know how valuable this program is in educating our children by giving them an opportunity to see and experience local agriculture first hand.
   Through special programs like the King County Farm Tour, both adults and children can learn at grass roots level, a new respect for the farm life by supporting, preserving and protecting our agricultural land for future generations rather than having it gobbled up by developers and urban growth.
   Having been touched so deeply by recent events, we at the Red Barn Country Inn are designating a portion of our property to develop a TLC ministry through Washington Cathedral, "God's Little Pea Patch."
   As members, we will study scripture while learning to till the soil, plant and care for the crops, then share in the harvest and donate a portion to the elderly or special needs groups - friendships made and harvests shared. Anyone interested in participating in this TLC ministry may contact Rev. Andrew Purvis at Washington Cathedral, (425) 883-6975 or the Red Barn Country Inn, (425) 806-4646.
   Again, we thank all who participated in this year's Harvest Home Festival. We feel very blessed to be a part of the Woodinville community. Personally, I would also like to give my grandparents special recognition for raising me, especially my Grandma Nellie for her loving guidance. She was my role model and now my guardian angel leading me from above.
   Lila Chapman, Woodinville