Northwest NEWS

October 22, 2001


There have been too many accidents; it's time for a change

On Friday, Sept. 23, there was a multi-car accident at the intersection of Highway 203 and Northeast 124th, just south of Duvall.
   A truck was making a left-hand turn onto Highway 203 when it was struck by a car going 55 mph. The truck slammed into the car behind it, causing a ripple effect of collisions.
   It is dangerous to make a left-hand turn at that intersection. If a light were placed there, this collision never would have occurred. This accident caused a back up across Northeast 124th and up Novelty Hill Road. Back ups happen every day during rush hour. My most current experience occurred one afternoon when I was coming home from Redmond at 4:30 p.m. Cars were waiting in line all the way to Avondale, and I did not get home until 5:30 p.m.
   During rush hour, it is impossible to make a left-hand turn at Northeast 124th and Highway 203. A light would keep drivers from taking the risky left-hand turn and eliminate collisions. The thought of an accident in my daily commute is extremely frightening. We have had way too many accidents and it is time that someone makes a change.
   Sheena Ohrman, Duvall