Northwest NEWS

October 22, 2001


Letters to the Editor

Guest Editorial:Why I am voting "yes"

*On Nov. 6 you will be asked to vote on a bond issue for $3.895 million to provide funding for the land and construction of a new three-story Adult Day Center across from the Northshore Senior Center.

An adult day center is greatly needed

*I passionately urge everyone to vote "yes" on Nov. 6 for the Northshore Adult Day Center. Adults who are isolated with chronic pain need constant care.

You never know who will need care next

*Some of your readers may wonder why they are being asked to vote for a bond to build a new adult day center.

The new day care center will be built by all of us to serve all of us

*Most of us know about a family with one member suffering from a disease or feeling the effects of old age and needing constant care by another family member.

If burning alternatives were affordable and available King County would use them

*To: Rep. Kathy Lambert and Rep. Jim McIntire, co-chairs Joint Administrative Rules Review Committee

Dumping refuse in Daniels Creek is disgusting to writer

* I noticed in August that an area near Daniels Creek had been cleared and the refuse dumped in the creek.

Farm tour and festival support and encourage local farming

*My husband, David, and I would like to acknowledge and thank the volunteers, artists, vendors and all of those who attended this year's Harvest Home Festival at the Red Barn Country Inn.

There have been too many accidents; it's time for a change

*On Friday, Sept. 23, there was a multi-car accident at the intersection of Highway 203 and Northeast 124th, just south of Duvall.

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