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October 22, 2001

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You can help keep Bothell streams clean

BOTHELL - Bothell has begun a new citizen volunteer program to help keep Bothell streams clean. The city encourages citizens to participate in the Surface Water Management Storm Drain Stenciling program. The program is designed for volunteer groups (minimum four members) throughout the community to paint stenciled messages on any street within the Bothell city limits near storm drains or catch basins. Storm drain stencils consist of the message, "Dump No Waste - Drains to Stream." Bothell Public Works Department provides program kits which contain the basic stenciling supplies, safety equipment and all the necessary paperwork and waiver forms. City staff assistance is available for each volunteer group's first stenciling event.
   "The city of Bothell is excited about this new program," said Public Works Director Dave Zabell. "It's a great opportunity for our citizens to get involved with keeping their neighborhoods, streams and environment safe for everyone. With approximately 6,310 public catch basins and 1,489 private catch basins in our current inventory, there is a substantial cost-savings for the taxpayers and city by volunteers participating in this effort."
   Bothell's stenciling program is designed for volunteer groups throughout the community with four or more members. Adult supervision is required at a ratio of one adult for every four youth. Groups are responsible for any necessary transportation.
   The program was created to promote the importance of protecting local streams and habitats. The message, painted next to storm drains or catch basins, means that storm water or any material that is dumped or spilled into the underground storm water system flows directly into local streams and eventually into Puget Sound.
   To volunteer, call (425) 488-0118.