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October 22, 2001

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Candidates for Duvall City Council, position 3

1. I have been visiting the citizens of Duvall in each neighborhood and believe my traits of diligence, dedication and willingness to work for all of Duvall is what will help this community thrive and grow. I have worked with budgets and understand the importance of long-range goals and planning. In working for a company for 14 years, I understand the importance of being fiscally responsible, treating people well and working for the best interest of the customer, in this case you the citizens of Duvall.
   2. There are three issues that I consider very important. The first is the sewage treatment plant. I believe that growth should pay for growth. The city needs to look at raising the hook-up fees we charge for new development to help offset the cost of the plant. The second issue is communication. Members of the City Council need to meet, on a regular basis, with the different neighborhoods to discuss the issues that the city faces. We need to work together with residents to create solutions to the different challenges that arise. Thirdly, we need to keep Duvall affordable. Why should we continue to pay for recycling? Why should our property taxes keep going up? We need to approach the budget in a fiscally responsible manner.
   3. The city of Duvall has seen a great deal of growth: from 1980 to 1990, 280 percent growth; and from 1990 to 2000, 67 percent growth. This growth has increased congestion on Woodinville-Duvall Road and the 124th Street Bridge. A traffic light on both ends of 124th will help regulate the traffic. We need to pursue ways to improve the use of the public transportation system.
   4. I want to continue to keep Duvall an affordable place for us to live and raise our families. I want you, the citizens of Duvall, to feel that you are a part of this community and have a say in the decisions that affect our city. I will work for the best interests of all of Duvall. I want to see us approach our growth with a long-range vision that is fiscally-minded.
   5. I will continue to visit our different neighborhoods and discuss the issues that are important to our citizens. I will focus on evaluating each area of the budget in a fiscally responsible manner. I will work on ways to increase the tax base of our community. I will work on solutions to the sewage treatment plant that will not cause a financial burden to all of us. I will be YOUR council member that listens and works for all of Duvall.
   Diane Salz
   1. I have been on the Duvall Planning Commission for three years. At this time I am vice president of the Duvall Chamber of Commerce and am very involved with the schools. I also received the honor of being a part of the Cedarcrest High School Wolf Den, which honors people for their service to the school.
   2. Significant issues include the sewer and the need for a better tax base. I am against a four-lane road through Duvall.
   3. The Chamber has been working on growth and transportation issues for many years. We are working with the city on different ideas, one being a bypass.
   4. I have been on the planning commission for three years and want more say in the community.
   5. My goals are to help get more money through grants and lobby for money at the state and county, to market our city for different kinds of business and do rezoning with different things such as light industrial.
   Riverview School Board candidates, Director District 5
   Roberts Brown
   1. At my core, I am a volunteer. The position of school board director is an unpaid elected position, requiring a great deal of time and effort. I have the utmost respect for the efforts of the school board, and when I was asked by the incumbent to run for his position, I was deeply honored. I have volunteered for many projects in the Valley, including a brief period of service as a volunteer fireman. I look at this as another opportunity to work with, and for, my friends and neighbors again.
   2. I believe it would be presumptuous of me to come into a position like this with an agenda. The job of director of schools is to represent the people in all matters pertaining to education in the district. To me, that means that a large part of the job is finding out what issues the people feel are most significant, and working to meet those needs.
   3. Growth and transportation issues, as they pertain to education in the Valley, are elements of the strategic plan that the school board is developing. I have every confidence Candidates
   that the school board will intelligently address those issues.
   4. My wish is to be a part of a team that continually works to improve the quality of life for our friends and neighbors. The school board has the potential to do that, and positively impact the lives of people. What could be better than that?
   5. My goal is to be an advocate for the people, in all matters pertaining to education in their school district. As their representative, my job is to make their goals my own.
   Bob Decker, opposing candidate for Riverview School Board Director District 5, did not return his questionnaire.
   Unopposed positions on the November ballot include two Duvall City Council positions and two Carnation City Council positions. Election Day is Nov. 6.