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October 22, 2001

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Duvall's incumbent mayor faces first challenger

DUVALL - Incumbent Mayor Glen Kuntz is facing challenger Becky Nixon in next month's general election. Kuntz, appointed from a City Council position over eight years ago, has never faced any opposition at the polls. In order to aid voters in making decisions, all candidates were asked the following questions. 1. Please describe your characteristics and experience that qualify you for this office.
   2. Which issues do you consider most significant for this area and its residents?
   3. How do you plan to deal with growth and transportation issues?
   4. Why do you wish to be a candidate?
   5. Please state your goals for this office.
   Glen Kuntz
   Kuntz, 43, in addition to being the mayor of Duvall, is Operations and Personnel Manager for CDK Construction.
   1. Experience - I am a strong and experienced leader. This is proven by my ability to bring different groups of people together for a solution that will benefit the citizens of Duvall. My business management experience has been crucial to Duvall. When I became mayor the city was near bankruptcy with an audit that was a disaster. I have dealt with tax cuts and been able to improve on services while building the state required budget reserves. We have had six clean audits.
   2. Significant issues - Growth has been and will continue to be the most important issue for Duvall. The sewer treatment plant expansion, road improvements and city services such as police are all part of growth. The parks and arts programs we now have represent our changing community. Holding on to our rural charm while meeting new challenges is a continuous balancing act.
   3. Growth and transportation - I have been involved with Duvall's Comprehensive Plan since the Growth Management Act was passed. I have worked directly toward bringing to Duvall service-related businesses that will strengthen our tax base and balance residential development. I will continue to call for citizen involvement and update this plan to reflect the changing needs of our city. We have regulations on development to retain the flavor of "Old Town" and require developers to pay for new infrastructure. I am committed to not allow SR-203 to become a four-lane highway.
   4. Why a candidate - I have accomplished many positive things as mayor of Duvall. I cannot let what the City Council and I have begun go unfinished or put off track. It is time for continuity and experience. I have worked to lay the groundwork to meet the needs of Duvall and I will see this community's vision through.
   5. Goals - I want to see the Duvall sports field, youth center and sewer treatment plant expansion completed. We will increase the arts programs and continue improvements on Bruett Road/152nd St. I will continue to improve the service that our citizens receive from City Hall. It is vital that "Old Town" remain the heart of Duvall.
   Becky Nixon
   As mayor of the city of Duvall I will work to reform city government and inform Duvall citizens by:
   Asking for a Value Engineer Study from the state to look for a viable alternative to raising sewer rates from $79-$129 per month to cover the costs of the sewer expansion project.
   Implementing accountability programs for city employees and reviewing city departments for efficiency and professionalism.
   Appointing additional members to the Police Advisory Committee to offer suggestions in community involvement and voicing citizens' concerns.
   Supporting and including schools, businesses, and citizens in the city government.
   Working to educate citizens on the Comprehensive Plan, including the TIP (Transportation Improvement Program), CIP (Capital Improvement Plan), and all actions of the city of Duvall government to optimize citizen input and vision.
   Updating and redesigning the Duvall Web site for optimal use and implement new technology for progressive department achievement.
   Appointing qualified citizens to the planning commission and to the City Council when Duvall's population reaches 5,000.
   Attending meetings and functions outside of City Council meetings.
   Supporting the Chamber of Commerce, Duvall Arts Commission and the Duvall Arts Foundation.
   Providing a professional and ethical city government.