Northwest NEWS

October 29, 2001


Vote for candidates who offer insight and knowledge

Recent and current political campaigns have demonstrated the ease with which some candidates will violate campaign sign ordinances in the name of self-promotion. I urge King County voters to decisively reject such candidates and to remind all office-seekers that respect for the law and for our neighbors is Job One.
   Many races present a similar blight of sign proliferation even though my mailbox is empty of literature debating the issues and candidates fail to shed light on their qualifying experience in the voters' pamphlet.
   Many difficult issues must be addressed in the years ahead. Do not accept "campaign by sign pollution" in lieu of a record of community service and relevant experience. Read your voters' pamphlet.
   Vote for candidates who offer insight and knowledge rather than simply a tour de force of sign posting.
   Donna Brethauer, via e-mail