Northwest NEWS

October 29, 2001


Two sides to every story and field

I am writing in response to the letter (Woodinville Weekly 10/15/01) in which the writer claims, "We must be Americans first," as she was offended by what she regarded as a disrespectful show in regard to the singing of the national anthem by the Woodinville fans at the Woodinville vs. Redmond football game.
   I am sure that everything the writer professes about the "wonderful performance by the girls' choir" is true, but as a Woodinville parent present on the opposite side of the field, I must speak in defense of the Woodinville students. The national anthem was totally inaudible on our side of the field as the sound system had more than "glitches."
   Only an occasional strain of the national anthem was decipherable leaving everyone on the Woodinville side mumbling, "We can't hear." I did not take offense, but rather appreciated our students' rendition of the national anthem, which they spontaneously performed with respect and dignity, thereby including everyone in attendance in this national ritual.
   The singing of the national anthem at the beginning of sporting events is meant to unite all Americans. Our children's voices raised in song should not divide. There are two sides to every story and apparently two sides to every field.
   Cathy Crawford, Woodinville