Northwest NEWS

October 29, 2001


What a great article. Really enjoyed it!

I'm up early this morning, and with the thought of maybe going back to bed, picked up the Weekly to read.
   What a pleasure to find your [Bronwyn Wilson's] article! I had to e-mail you right away to let you know. As soon as my wife wakes up I plan to share it with her.
   Thank you for such an enjoyable piece! What else have you written aside from the Weekly? It would be a privilege to read some more! Essays? Books? Please let me know!
   I too have enjoyed the salmon as I commute by bicycle along the Sammamish River from my Woodinville home to my job in Bellevue. I hear them jumping during my nighttime return leg. I haven't actually seen them swimming, since from the bike trial you don't have that view. But I've seen one or two when they're airborne and visible from my bike.
   As a relevant aside, my wife, a modern dancer, invited me to join her improvisational dance workshop in Eugene a couple of weekends ago and I chose that image of the salmon (still full of energy and very strong, disposed to jump often and jump high having just left the cold water of Lake Washington for the warmer because it is shallower water of the Sammamish) as my theme for the small group session.
   Apparently, it struck a chord with the teacher and she had me perform a solo and then lead the entire class of 20 in the dance, which included three dance professors from the University of Oregon.
   This was a big deal for me. As a cubicle-bound engineer and newcomer to modern dance, this was my second workshop ever. You might say I was "mildly traumatized" especially after my wife, so happy at my participation, just beaming with approval, replayed the airborne scenes for me.
   I was so wrapped up in my mental image of the salmon that I was completely unaware that I had done that! Airborne! Heh, heh. What inspires us sometimes?
   I think this inspired moment for me was not unlike when you described in your article the "hushed voices" and "reverence" of the folks in the training session when "in the presence of these magnificent creatures that have come from so far and gone through so much."
   That's exactly the way it is. Thank you for saying it. It was truly amazing a reminder of the dramatic beauty of the world and a chance to recharge the soul from thoughts of America's new war, the recession and layoffs. Thank you for saying that too.
   Mike Milandin, Woodinville