Northwest NEWS

October 29, 2001


What about next year?

Ken Schram and ads on TV Channel 4 are expressing a "no" on Initiative 747 that limits the yearly tax increase to 1 percent.
   Also up for the November election is a county levy that costs 25 cents for every $1,000 of assessment. That's $50 for a $200,000 home.
   My land assessment went up 23.4 percent this year and will go up 18.4 percent next year. That's nearly a 42 percent increase in two years. This year was an 8 percent increase in building assessment; next year it's down 6.5 percent in order to keep the assessment values to a 2 percent overall increase for next year of assessments.
   My taxes went up this year 14.5 percent. What will it be next year? One ad says firefighter units will be hurt by I-747. The need for more money to support the firefighters is due to having to service more of the rapid developments. Instead of raising boom-time taxes, officials should make the developers pay their fair share of the costs for increased services.
   Being retired and on a fixed income, it will not be long before taxes will consume 25 percent of my income. I did not vote for I-695 because it was a flat tax that favored the rich. Property taxes will be used to make up for the revenue loss for I-695.
   George Slusser, Woodinville