Northwest NEWS

October 29, 2001


Letters to the Editor

Bioterrorism preparedness

*As a medical epidemiologist and as a public health officer, I am trained to make decisions based on evidence.

Guest Editorial: Water commissioners deserve your careful consideration

*Some folks have asked, "Why should I bother to vote for a water commissioner? I don't see how they affect me?"

Vote for candidates who offer insight and knowledge

*Recent and current political campaigns have demonstrated the ease with which some candidates will violate campaign sign ordinances in the name of self-promotion.

Two sides to every story and field

*I am writing in response to the letter (Woodinville Weekly 10/15/01) in which the writer claims, "We must be Americans first," as she was offended by what she regarded as a disrespectful show in regard to the singing of the national anthem by the Woodinville fans at the Woodinville vs. Redmond football game.

What a great article. Really enjoyed it!

*I'm up early this morning, and with the thought of maybe going back to bed, picked up the Weekly to read.

What about next year?

*Ken Schram and ads on TV Channel 4 are expressing a "no" on Initiative 747 that limits the yearly tax increase to 1 percent.

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