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October 29, 2001

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Candidates offer thoughtful responses to difficult questions

Whether a city is 92 years old, such as Bothell, or 3 years young, such as Kenmore, representatives must be selected to steer the city - for the good of the whole. On Nov. 6, Bothell and Kenmore residents will be called upon to do just that. In the 2001 General Election, Here is what the candidates have to say.
   Bothell City Council
   If traffic-filled neighborhoods, the need to increase revenue in light of the recession, and the desire to maintain Bothell's small-town feel (complete with strong family neighborhoods) are a few of the issues that need to be addressed by the Bothell City Council, what is it that you, personally, would bring to the council to help the city find solutions for these problems?
   Position 1

Mike Noblet
   Neighborhood cut-through traffic polarizes our citizens and threatens Bothell's small-town feel.If re-elected, I will continue to oppose any new street connections. I will opt for speed bumps, or similar traffic calming devices, and widening arterials to encourage their use. I will champion policies for plantings to screen new, higher density developments from existing homes.
   Over the next six years, $3 million will be needed just to maintain current services. I will work to increase revenue sources: permitting car dealers: select increases in building heights in our business parks. I will consider an employer-paid employee tax. I will not support changes that lower neighborhood quality of life.
   Bothell's small-town feel is best found downtown. I will work to vitalize it by encouraging nearby housing and linking downtown with Bothell Landing via a pedestrian bridge over S.R. 522.

Patrick Ewing
   I will bring unique qualities to the Bothell City Council which will help to resolve the tough issues we face. As an engineer, I must resolve tough problems on a daily basis. As a Bothell Planning Commissioner, I have experience working with the public, city staff, and fellow planning commissioners to resolve tough issues. Most importantly, I bring the experience of participating in many City Council meetings and public hearings as a concerned citizen. From the speaker's podium and from the back of the room, I have witnessed the good, the bad, and the ugly in city politics. I will not forget the events that transpired that made me decide to run for City Council. I will use both hindsight and foresight to guide me in making better decisions, and will endeavor to make the City Council more responsive to the public.
   Position 3

Robert (Bob) Bandarra
   Traffic in neighborhoods: The Council this past year authorized staff to retain a consultant to develop a street plan. The street plan will need to use S.R. 522 and 527 as the key traffic corridors and develop a grid system from those main arterials. I'll review and accept recommendations that assure no neighborhood cut through traffic routes.
   Increase revenues in light of the recession: The Council has been looking at current and alternative revenue sources in addition to reduction of city expenses. Reapportionment of county sales tax, new retail franchise fees and possible employer taxes are all current considerations, as is Partnering with Northshore School District, other cites and special purpose districts.
   Maintain Bothell's small-town feel: Neighborhoods are the essence of Bothell. The neighborhoods can be preserved while enhancing the retail community through specific zoning that directs retail into specific areas of the city. The downtown area should accommodate a mixed-use strategy preserving a small-town feel while enhancing retail growth.

James L. DuVall
   Mr. Duvall requests that readers view his Web site at
   Position 5

Jeff Merrill
   Neighborhoods: I have listened to the neighborhoods and will not support a Street Plan that would increase cut through traffic and will vote to send it to the planning commission to be part of the Major Comprehensive Plan updates that will take place over the next two years. I will also work to strengthen the code to protect our neighborhoods from over development and will not support up zoning land to multi-family.
   Budget: Two years ago the Council, City Manager and Staff worked as a team to implement zero based budgeting and we were able to find significant cost savings which helped prepare the city for the revenue short falls that we are experiencing.
   Property Taxes : I am proud to say property taxes will only be raised 1 percent in 2002 and you will receive the same level of Police, Fire and City services that have been provided in the past.

Mike Johnson
   Personally, I would bring an unparalleled respect for the will of the people, protection of our unique and strong family neighborhoods, and Bothell's quality of life. A willingness to listen and engage the public, both resident and business owner, to ensure they are involved in the decision making process. And to be mindful of and thoughtful regarding the impacts of policy decisions.
   Your representation should not be taken lightly. The consequences of poorly-thought out decisions will change the character of Bothell forever. With my leadership and experience, we will address these issues with honesty, integrity and respect.
   Ultimately, when you vote for your representative, you are trusting that person to represent your dreams, desires and vision of the future. I take this responsibility seriously, and know if we work together, we can meet these challenges without changing the reasons why we chose to live and work in Bothell.
   Position 7

Lee Fjellanger
   Whether we like it or not, change is going to happen. The key is, we need to make decisions to create a better future.We need to safeguard neighborhoods to protect the quality of family lives. We need to increase the capacity of properly identified arterials to ease transportation headaches. Adequate revenue must be secured for firefighters and police. These goals are not incompatible, but all decisions will have critics.
   I am a knowledgeable, experienced and successful decision maker. I earned my way through college as evening manager of a retail business. I volunteered for the Marines during Vietnam and was made Lieutenant, then Captain. I became a police officer, Sergeant and Lieutenant. I've managed a small business. As a volunteer for Bothell, I played a part in creating the new library. In every position, decisions needed to be made, and there were critics. We like to make everyone happy, but it is necessary to make tough decisions to improve the majority's future.

Sandy Guinn
   I have worked hard and care deeply about our community. During my first term, I have enjoyed:
   €Working with citizens to form the voluntary Arts/Mural historic program;
   € Chairing the new Tourism Promotion Committee, which earns approximately $90,000 a year for tourism (Music in the Park concerts);
   € Bothell receiving first "Tree City USA" designation;
   € Identifying and implementing where Bothell could save more than $100,000 per year;
   € Establishing sidewalk repair and road repavement programs
   € Raising money to light five ball fields and building one new field
   € I voted against 150 foot tall buildings
   It takes patience, ingenuity, and experience to find solutions that benefit our community. I am dedicated to continuing to find these solutions. I do not support opening our neighborhoods to state highways. I have actively supported traffic solutions to keep traffic moving by improving the 405 and our state routes.
   Kenmore City Council
   Kenmore is working on plans to make the city look like a city, to look good ‹ what with Highway 522 running down the middle of it. City gateways need landscaping and lighting. The parks commission and the downtown commission have just been formed. What is it that you would bring to the council to help it move through the city's development stages?
   Position 2
   David Pomeranz did not respond.
   Steven Colwell
   I have been very fortunate to serve as one of the Kenmore City Council members since incorporation on Aug. 31, 1998, and have had a perfect attendance at all required study sessions and council meetings. Because Highway 522 has a huge impact on the traffic in Kenmore, our council team has secured $28 million for traffic improvements, pedestrian safety, and arterial street improvements.
   Since incorporation our council has completed our comprehensive plan, and have formulated a great team of actively involved citizens to work on the creation of our vision for downtown and parks plan.
   I have always emphasized the beautification of Kenmore and have been the chief sponsor for the creation of the BOSS program (Beautification of Streets and Sidewalks) which includes grants for the creation of $1 million for new sidewalks, and the addition of our own in-house public works department for street and parkway beautification.
   Position 4
   Jack V. Crawford runs unopposed.
   Position 6
   Rachel W. Hawkridge did not respond.
   Marcia Schwendiman did not respond.