Northwest NEWS

October 29, 2001

Front Page

Candidates for Water District No. 119 Commissioner, position 3

Mike Elsberrl
   I am aware of the problems Water District No. 119 faces and of the rules and regulations that need to be changed and to happen. I want to be in the dialogue when issues of the water district occur and are determined. The only way this can happen is to work from the inside out and not from the outside in.
   The water district is supposed to be for the good of the people and I will endeavor to provide this service to you. People's personal and property rights must be protected.
   I have lived on and off in the Snoqualmie and Duvall areas for the past 22 years and have a degree in construction management from Edmonds Community College. I am aware of the growth and the situations that have occurred.
   I value and honor your support in my campaign.
   Roxanne Heller
   Growth within the district brings more demands on water supplies. Contracts with the suppliers of water are crucial to keeping water available at an affordable price for years to come. My background in contract negotiations will prove useful in contracting with these suppliers.
   As one of three commissioners, I will follow the policies and procedures while seeking ways in which the water district can make changes to meet the growing demands of our customers.
   As a child, I visited Duvall frequently, and now making my home here, I have become active in the community. This is a beautiful area and growth is inevitable; water supplies must be available to support it.