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October 29, 2001

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Candidate Becky Nixon's statement incomplete

Editor's note: Those running for local public office were asked several questions by The Valley View regarding their candidacy. Completed questionnaires from candidates for Duvall mayor were printed in last week's Valley View. However, due to a computer disk error, candidate Becky Nixon's answers were limited to her goals for the position. The Valley View apologizes for the omission.
   Candidates were asked the following questions. 1. Please describe your characteristics and experience that qualify you for this office; 2. Which issues do you consider most significant for this area and its residents; 3. How do you plan to deal with growth and transportation issues; 4. Why do you wish to be a candidate; 5. Please state your goals for this office.
   Nixon's completed answers to the questionnaire follow.
   1. Experience- Budgets, delegating, accountability, and fiscal responsibility are all a part of any publicly funded institution. How you deal with these as a whole is the key component. After attending countless city council meetings over the years, I know that the position of mayor does not set policy. The mayor, working with council as the liaison between the citizens and council, should carefully weigh and uphold what is in the best interests of the citizens of Duvall, and run a professional, efficient, and ethical city government.
   Throughout the years, I have been a community and children's advocate as well as an employee. As Communication Consultant for Riverview School District for several years, I was involved with many citizens, businesses, government agencies, unions, and I was an active member of both Carnation and Duvall Chambers of Commerce. I was a member of Cascadia Community College's advisory board on enrollment and student populations.
   I was a loan officer at Washington Mutual Savings Bank, and before this campaign, I worked as office manager for Young Financial Services in Seattle, whose primary affiliate was MassMutual Financial Services. As a past PTSA president at both the middle and elementary school levels, I have budgeted, delegated, and been involved to enhance the best interests of our children and Riverview staff in our schools, and I will continue to be an active member.
   My strengths are integrity, a high moral code, managerial skills, public relations, and a solid background in finance. I attended Tacoma Community College and Hardin-Simmons University in Abilene, Texas.
   2. Significant issues-Working with the council to insure the sewer rate increases for maintaining the new sewer expansion system do not price low income and seniors out of their homes and cause financial hardship to citizens is a priority. Dealing firmly with the Department of Ecology to compromise their desires by implementing a 20-40 year plan could be a workable solution to the newly published Parametric Report's extremely high sewer rates for every household to maintain the new sewer expansion system. Other cities have had similar sewer situations, and I would continue to talk with them and work with council and public works to find a solution to this very troubling problem.
   Keep pressure on the Department of Transportation for Highway 203 to improve Duvall's traffic problem and change their Comprehensive Plan to NOT include a four-lane highway through Duvall. Maintain Duvall's rural character while enhancing business in Old Town. Ask citizens for their vision of Duvall in the future. The population of Duvall will soon reach 5000. I would appoint qualified citizens to the two new council positions.
   3. Growth and Transportation- I feel strongly that developers pay for growth. Keep impact and mitigation fees at the highest possible levels to provide a quality infrastructure of roads and maintenance. Include parks and open spaces in growth areas. Review the area being looked at for light industrial to replace the long-term Duvall businesses being displaced by the sewer expansion. These businesses add to the tax base and more importantly they add to the community.
   Review and enhance the Comprehensive Plan's Traffic Improvement Plan for traffic routes, connectibility and traffic usage including review of the Emergency Vehicle Response times in the city. Look at routes that would connect upper and lower Duvall.
   4. Why do you wish to be a candidate?-I was asked by citizens and business owners to run against the current administration. I weighed this carefully. I believe that Duvall needs a change. New ideas, technology, department efficiency, employee training and accountability can enhance this city. Ethics and an eagerness to be involved with schools, businesses, and citizens are essential characteristics of the position of mayor and these are traits I hold dear. I would bring professionalism, integrity, and a fair city government to Duvall citizens.