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October 29, 2001

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Woodinville Water Distric commissioner candidates speak

On Nov. 6, Washington voters will elect a "work force" to serve the state's economic and social needs. Another important task of this "work force" - our elected representatives- is to look after the state's infrastructure. Here is what four local candidates have to say about what they have to offer their local districts.
   Woodinville Water District Commissioner
   Position 2
   With issues such as the Woodinville Water District's need for a good, reliable water supply; the need for operational efficiency in light of an aging infrastructure and a growing population, what is it that you, as a commissioner, would bring to the table to help the board, the district, deal with these complex issues?
   Tim Matson
   No one person has the all of the answers, however we should all work together to find solutions. My experience in both politics and business gives me the skills to bring people together to work for common goals. Citizen groups, District staff, and other governmental agencies all have something to contribute in our efforts to provide us with clean water from reliable sources, in a cost effective manner.
   I bring to the Commission my extensive experiences in technology and infrastructure development. I have spent many years working to develop technological solutions to replace outdated procedures and infrastructure. I know what can be done, what works and more importantly, what doesn't work.
   Remember, I will always be an advocate for you, the ratepayer. It is your money the District is spending, and you should expect us to get the most for those dollars. I am asking for your vote for Tim Matson for Water Commissioner.
   Edward Cebron
   My career has focused on utility and resource management for over 20 years. This began with my graduate degree from Stanford in Infrastructure Planning and Management, a program targeted at effective resource and utility management. Since then, I have advised over 100 utilities on issues such as long-term financial planning, resource decisions, and efficient operations. I also acted as project manager to create the Cascade Water Alliance, an organization which is focused on developing new and environmentally responsible water supplies.
   I have served as a Commissioner in Woodinville for 7 years, and through my experience directly saved the District millions of dollars in water and sewer costs. We also set policies to gain control of our supply future, and are working toward that goal. I believe that my experience directly addresses the issues you raised, and my proven track record as a Commissioner ensures that I'll get the job done.