Northwest NEWS

November 5, 2001


Guest Editorial: American Legion issues new call to arms for veterans

by Jim Broe
   Add your voice to the largest veterans' organization in the world, the American Legion. One of the proud slogans of the American Legion is "Still Serving America!" Our country was just forced into the way of the early 1940s when Americans realized we really were at war. Once again, Americanism is a word that means something and those talking patriotism are not being laughed into silence. We've just experienced the worst incursion into our homeland by an enemy in our history.
   Rah-rah speeches and fashionable patriotism aside, we, as freedom loving Americans, cannot ignore the incomprehensible loss of life and the cowardly rape of innocence in our society. Without diminishing the devastation felt by victims of rape, never during our lifetimes has the sanctity of our daily lives been assaulted in any manner, on our soil, let alone one so insulting and degrading as to use our own domestic aircraft as the means of destruction. As a victim of rape feels soiled and violated, our workaday life has been taken from us. We can no longer fly freely or without fear.
   Freedom is the single most precious gift of our country and our beliefs. That very tenant gives us free enterprise, open roadways, freedom of religion and freedom of speech. Jealousy of these freedoms and ignorance of our lives is what activates these purveyors of evil we call terrorists.
   The safety of our country is genuinely in jeopardy and the probability of further terrorist activity a reality. This is truly a war of a different kind. As with any war, strong leadership is necessary on the front lines as well as wisdom at home. Today the front lines are here.
   As never before, it is time for our nation to listen to the wisdom of those who have gone before. Our roles as veterans call us to lead others through the most terrifying, uncertain times in our history.
   Join your fellow veterans in the American Legion, as stated in the preamble to the Constitution of the American Legion . . . "To protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America ... to maintain law and order ... to make right the master of might; to promote peace and good will on earth. ..." Please join with us in making these a reality and be one of us who is "still serving America."
   Please contact you local American Legion Post, as published in the phone book white pages, or write or phone the American Legion Department of Washington Headquarters at P.O. Box 3917, Lacey, WA. 98509-3917 or call (360) 491-4373 and ask for the Department Adjutant, Dale Davis.
   Local posts are Post 199, Carnation, Dale Bellin, adjutant, (425) 788-6672, Fax (425) 333-4612; Post 79, Snoqualmie, Joe Fankhauser, adjutant, (425) 888-1520; Post No. 99, Kirkland-Bellevue, John Swan, commander, (425) 827-1787; Post No. 127, Bothell, Burton Marsh, adjutant, (206) 999-3254; Post No. 161, Redmond, Tom Mead, adjutant, (360) 629-4558 or e-mail
   Jim Broe is a member of American Legion Post 239, Bellevue and a member of the public relations committee for the 11th District.