Northwest NEWS

November 5, 2001


Police Beat

Oct. 30: A suspect entered a store in the 17800 block of Garden Way Northeast. Upon purchasing an item, the suspect insisted that the clerk had shortchanged him. As the suspect became more and more upset, the manager approached to resolve the situation. However, the suspect became more aggressive, yelling that he didn't have time for this. He threw his keys on the checkstand and when he picked them back up, he also grabbed a set of keys belonging to the clerk.The man stormed out of the business and rapidly drove away. The case is under further investigation.
   Oct. 30: Officers on routine patrol noticed a car parked near the intersection of 171st Street and 131st. Police saw a person reclined in the driver's seat with a jacket over his face. The officer could smell the odor of alcohol from outside the car. After repeatedly knocking on the window, the officer opened the door and shook the driver. The suspect slowly awoke and appeared disoriented. It was determined that the driver was 18 years old and intoxicated. The suspect was arrested and released to his parents.
   Oct. 29: A woman returned to her home in the 14800 block of 127th Avenue and checked her mail. She found only junk mail and some of the neighbor's mail in her box. She checked the other mailboxes and discovered the same. Upon entering her home, she immediately received a phone call from a woman who sounded like a young teenager saying she was from the victim's bank. The caller said she needed the victim's social security number. The victim's suspicion was confirmed when she saw that her caller ID box showed the name and number of a personal residence and not her bank. The victim did not give out any information.Police were contacted and began their investigation. They traced the call to the residence that appeared on the victim's caller ID box. The homeowner reported to police that they had not made any calls, however there was a baby-sitter at their home on the date and time in question. The case is under further investigation while police follow leads.
   Oct. 24: Officers responded to a hit-and-run accident which occurred in the 14100 block of Woodinville-Duvall Road. Police interviewed one of the victims at the hospital. The high-school-aged girl told officers that she and her friend were walking through the parking lot when she felt a car bumper brush up against the back of her legs. The victim fell back onto the hood of the car. The car then accelerated and turned. The victim fell from the hood and rolled on the ground, breaking her wrist. The victim knew the suspect. Officers went to the suspect's home and sat down with the suspect and his mother. The suspect told police that he was in the parking lot and that he drove up behind the girls. According to the suspect, as a joke, the girls jumped on the hood and the suspect then drove around the parking lot until they fell off.
   The case is being forwarded to the prosecuting attorney's office.