Northwest NEWS

November 5, 2001



Northshore Senior Center salutes 'Stars' and stripes Nov. 11

by Bronwyn Wilson
   Senior Staff Reporter
   Three years ago around Veterans Day, Ruth Burger came up with a plan. She wanted to honor veterans and began planning a patriotic ceremony at the Northshore Senior Center in Bothell. She arranged for Boy Scouts to serve cake and coffee and made preparations for music to accompany the raising of the flag. She even arranged for chairs to be set up in the parking lot to view Old Glory at the flag-raising portion of the ceremony. While all this was taking place, a cloud moved inland.
   The day of the program arrived and so did 222 people. But on that day, the cloud ‹now black and gloomy ‹stopped right above the Senior Center. There it unleashed all it had and rained in bucket loads. "You have no idea how hard it was raining," says Burger. No one at the ceremony wandered outside to find a good spot to sit and watch the flag. Everyone stayed inside to keep warm and dry.
   But Burger decided that rain would not deter the ceremony and went ahead with the outdoor plans. As the flag went up the pole to the music of "The Star Spangled Banner," almost everyone inside filed outside to watch the event. Two hundred and twenty-one people stood in the drenching rain cheering and clapping as the American flag waved gloriously from the top of the Senior Center's roof. "It was gorgeous," Burger says.
   This Veteran's Day, rain or sun, the Northshore Senior Center plans another patriotic program to honor veterans, though a little different from the first.
   Cake and coffee are still on the agenda, served this year by six Scouts from Troop 986 and by students from the Seniors to Seniors Club at Inglemoor High School. However, this year the Woodinville Community Band will present a musical performance and time is set aside for viewing of the Veterans Wall of Stars. Paper stars in all colors represent veterans in the community and cover one wall. Burger, who is facilitator of the program, says that the Wall of Stars is for the veterans, "It's so we can recognize and honor them." She explains that each star has a veteran's name. And, she says, that the branch of service the veteran served in determines the color of each star. For example, veterans from the army have their names placed on green stars, Navy veterans get blue stars, while Marines shine in red. Burger adds, "The wall is almost full. It's wonderful."
   The public is invited to the program, which begins Sunday, Nov. 11, at 2 p.m. in the Northshore Senior Center. For further information, contact Ruth Burger at (206) 364-6019.